13 August 2021

AngelEye will participate in the SVG conference to promote the theme of safety in swimming pools

On August 17th, AngelEye will be in Zurich, Switzerland, to participate in the conference organized by the Swiss Association for Health Protection and Environmental Technology (SVG). The event will be an opportunity for AngelEye to promote the theme of safety in swimming pools.

The Swiss association, active in the field of health prevention and environmental protection, is an information platform that is based on the exchange of communication between industry, commerce, and field’s specialists. In order to find workable solutions, it leads groups of experts on the subject to discuss issues relating to the construction and operation of swimming pools, building hygiene and related maintenance, air pollution control, and environmental and water protection.

Through conferences and courses, SVG’s goal is also to provide information and knowledge to all parties involved in the private sector for the practical application of the legal provisions in the health and environmental field.

The design and construction of safe swimming pools and their hygiene, ceramic and glass mosaics in the construction of the tanks, the removal of chlorate and the new ventilation systems are just some of the topics that will be discussed during the conference, which will see the participation of several companies and members of the public sector.

AngelEye will be present at the event with its own exhibition space, where it will be possible to further explore the functioning of the AngelEye LifeGuard drowning detection and prevention system and AngelEye SafeGuard solutions for access control, body temperature measurement, bather count, and gathering verification.

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