Solution for instant body temperature measurement, people counting, crowd detection and access control.

Density Control

for people counting

Thanks to the use of video cameras to monitor the pools and other selected areas, AngelEye’s Density Control software is able determine in real time the number of people present in any given area.
Maximum quantity thresholds can be set for each controlled area so that whenever they are exceeded, the system sends an alert to the lifeguard or to the security personnel.

Thermal Screening​

for instant body temperature measurement

Safeguarding the health of individuals and communities, AngelEye developed the Thermal Screening system to monitor and identify individuals with an Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) exceeding safety limits.
The system is designed around a thermal imaging camera and controlled by the AngelEye artificial intelligence module, which offers real-time analysis and self-calibration to provide accurate measurement of large groups of people.

Distancing Control

for crowd detection

AngelEye’s Distancing Control software allows to monitor the distances between people to ensure compliance with social distancing rules during periods of health emergency caused by viruses.
In addition, the software enables you to set the minimum distance to be kept between people as well as the maximum number of individuals who can be allowed to violate such distance rules – a family, for instance.

AngelEye Access Control
AngelEye Access Control

Access Control

for the restriction of access to areas

AngelEye’s Access Control solution manages access to the pools or other areas of the facility according to their opening hours.
Indeed, since areas are configured with their specific opening hours, the system can monitor authorized access. Accessing areas which have been closed – for whatever reason – triggers an alarm that is promptly sent to the persons in charge.