AngelEye Hotel

Relaxation and well-being
in complete safety.

Relaxation and well-being
in complete safety.

AngelEye Hotel is a drowning detection system designed specifically for hotel, residence and SPA needs.  It can also be easily installed by replacing pre-existing lights and can be mounted on all types of swimming pools, including those in steel, tiles, PVC and fiberglass.

Safety first

Active drowning detection.

AngelEye Hotel is a drowning detection system that detects every dangerous situation and accident. The AngelEye software works in close integration with the cameras installed in the pool to continuously scan the pool. Thanks to this combination of hardware, software and profound innovations, today AngelEye Hotel represents excellence in drowning detection.

Hotel 20 12 2019 AngelEye Schermo Annegamento
AngelEye Hotel Welcome Desk - Sistema di rilevamento annegamenti per Hotel Residence e SPA

Position and image of the drowning.​

When it comes to swimmers in trouble, every second counts. AngelEye LifeGuard makes itself heard loud and clear in case of danger. The integrated notification system sets off alarms within 10 seconds on smartwatches, telephones, flashing lights or on the hotel reception computer. In this way, even if there is no lifeguard in the vicinity of the pool, the hotel staff are alerted promptly. In addition, AngelEye’s advanced technology can provide real-time location and image of the danger, making rescue operations easier.

Simple installation

Pre-existing light compatibility.

In pools already equipped with underwater lighting, the installation of AngelEye Hotel is even easier. It is done by replacing the existing obsolete lamps with efficient, energy-efficient LED lighting cameras.

AngelEye Camera
Hotel Panic Button Icon

Panic button

AngelEye Hotel guarantees maximum safety inside and outside the pool. Panic buttons can be installed around the pool or other critical areas available to guests to ensure rapid intervention in case of need.

Energy Saving AngelEye

Energy Saving Module

Energy Saving reduces energy consumption in favour of the environment and the costs of facility management. The additional module allows you to activate or deactivate the extra facilities in the pool such as whirlpool, fountains, and lighting, depending on the presence of swimmers in the water.

Hotel logo

AngelEye has been supporting the safety and security of the charming Hotel Sportcamp Wofergut in Zell Am See, Austria, since 2018. The 4-star hotel has 3 different swimming pools that are adapted to the needs of the guests and guarantee a continuous and safe service 365 days a year.

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Installation services

Design, installation, configuration and testing services.


The correct maintenance for drowning detection systems.

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