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AngelEye cameras detect the movements of every swimmer in the pool.

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The artificial intelligence of the AngelEye software analyzes the images acquired by the cameras in real time and identifies situations of danger or drowning.

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Lifeguards are promptly alerted to dangerous situations through smartwatch technology or other signalling devices. The image and exact position of the swimmer in distress allows lifeguards to intervene immediately.

Components of the AngelEye system

AngelEye Camera

The eye of the AngelEye system is an optical sensor that optionally combines efficient LED lights that can accurately track the movements of swimmers in the pool.

The cameras are exceptionally durable and offer a clear view of critical areas, such as the bottom and areas near the edges of the pool.

Technology Telecamera aerea

Aerial Cameras

Aerial cameras cooperate with underwater cameras to improve the reliability of drowning detection by identifying the position of swimmers in the water, whether on the surface or underwater. In addition, the continuous recording functionality allows you to reconstruct the dynamics of any incident or event.

Drowning Detection Software

The drowning detection system is based on AngelEye LifeGuard software, the result of 15 years of development and testing on hundreds of different pools installed in different areas of the world.

Hundreds of algorithms, in addition to an innovative and specific Artificial Intelligence developed by AngelEye for the targeted purpose of drowning detection, are applied to the videos coming from the cameras, recognizing all the people in the pool and following their movements.

The scanning and modeling in 3 dimensions realized in real time by the software, allows the identification of the exact position of people in water, which is important to set off alarms even near the surface and not only the bottom of the pool.

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AngelEye Smartwatch Drowning Detection Position

Alarm devices

AngelEye integrates a series of devices to promptly notify any kind of danger to the safety personnel. These include smartwatches that can provide the lifeguards with an image and position of the danger in real time, as well as handhelds, screens, LED panels, sirens and light systems.

Advantages of AngelEye LifeGuard

It represents an additional level of safety and protection for swimmers.

It ensures effective and reliable drowning detection by limiting the number of alarms generated by disturbance factors.

Prevents drowning accidents by improving the rescue time of the lifeguards.

The AngelEye system operates in compliance with privacy laws.

It increases visibility in areas of the pool that are difficult for lifeguards to see, such as the bottom and corners.

Optional integration of an efficient LED lighting system

It can be installed in any type of pool and construction variant.

The quality of AngelEye products and maintenance services guarantee a good investment over time.

Installation services

Design, installation, configuration and testing services.


The correct maintenance for drowning detection systems.

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