AngelEye SplashDown

Safety in water parks,

Drowning Detection System for Water Parks.

At the base of AngelEye SplashDown there is a goal: to make water parks ever safer and more secure with advanced, but easy to use technologies. SpalashDown supports this vision, and goes even further, with tools that can minimize any risks in the water and in the entire park.

Safety first

Active drowning detection.

AngelEye SplashDown is a drowning detection system that detects every possible danger and accidental situation. The AngelEye software works in close integration with the cameras installed in the pool to continuously scan the pool. Thanks to this combination of hardware, software and great innovation, today AngelEye SplashDown represents excellence in drowning detection for water parks.

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AngelEye SplashDown - Drowning Detection System for Water Parks

We do not slip on safety

Coverage of critical areas.

Exiting slides and wave pools are just some of the threats to the safety of water parks. The movement of the water and the chaotic situation typical of pools with attractions are the main causes that limit the maximum visibility to lifeguards. AngelEye SplashDown provides clear visibility even where the human eye cannot reach.

River pools and irregular shaped pools

Optimization of the surface to be supervised.

Water parks are characterized by irregularly shaped pools which, unlike more traditional pools, prevent the lifeguards from having a clear view of the entire pool. The AngelEye SplashDown system supports the work of the lifeguards, providing high coverage of even the most remote areas.

Supervisioning AngelEye
AngelEye Security

Safety and protection not only in the water.

AngelEye SplashDown supports lifeguards in the water but provides tools to ensure safety and protection in all other areas as well. Access control and counting of swimmers and guests are just some of the additional modules to support lifeguards.

Our reference

The LAGO group, with 9 aquatic centers throughout Belgium, offers a complete experience for the whole family. AngelEye SplashDown is the technology of choice for drowning prevention in aquatic centers.

Diether Thielemans, General Manager of LAGO explains:
LAGO is based on five values that correspond perfectly to who we are and what we represent: safety, progress, accuracy, warmth and pleasure. Without a doubt, safety is always our top priority, which translates into trained and motivated lifeguards, assisted by the AngelEye drowning detection system.

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