AngelEye LifeGuard

Maximum safety for public pools.

Drowning detection for public swimming pools.

Designed for whom has to guarantee every day the safety in public and intensive-use pools, AngelEye LifeGuard detects potential drownings and promptly notifies you. It features the latest artificial intelligence technology and adapts to the needs of the user. It’s the ultimate drowning detection system for those who demand the ultimate in safety.

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Safety first

Active drowning detection.

AngelEye LifeGuard is a drowning detection system that detects every dangerous situation and accident. The AngelEye software works in close integration with the cameras installed in the pool to continuously scan the pool. Thanks to this combination of hardware, software and profound innovations, today AngelEye LifeGuard represents excellence in drowning detection.

LifeGuard 20 12 2019 AngelEye Schermo Annegamento
AngelEye SmartWatch

Position and image of the drowning.

Drowning detection for public swimming pools: when it comes to swimmers in trouble, every second counts. AngelEye LifeGuard makes itself heard loud and clear in case of danger. The built-in notification system produces alarms within 10 seconds on smartwatches, phones, flashing lights and other configurable devices. In addition, AngelEye’s advanced technology can provide real-time location and image of the danger, making rescue operations easier.

Recording of events.

The AngelEye LifeGuard system is able to record all the activities in the pools and to classify critical situations from normal ones in order to keep track of what happened. Thanks to its advanced image archiving system, AngelEye LifeGuard meets the legislative requirements for the protection of personal data.

AngelEye Server
Operazione di Salvataggio Bagnino AngelEye

An additional level of security.

The protection of swimmers is ensured to all facilities by a vigilance provided by personnel assigned to control the activities carried out in the pools. These controls have several critical points. The biggest problem is the difficulty in seeing the bottom of the pool. AngelEye LifeGuard is specifically designed to provide support to lifeguards in the supervision of swimmers. It offers an additional level of safety and integrates seamlessly into rescue operations.

ISO 20380:2017

The standard that regulates drowning detection systems in non-domestic swimming pools larger than 150 m2 is defined by ISO (International Organization of Standardization) 20380:2017.

The standard describes the minimum operational performance and safety requirements as well as simulation methods for drowning detection systems. The aim is to ensure that in the end the customer invests in a high-performance system to ensure the safety of swimmers.

The hazard detection functionalities can be customized according to the specific needs of the system, allowing configurations analyzed and studied for every need and type of structure, whether it is a water parks, a sports facility or others.

AngelEye is able to guarantee the standard defined by ISO 20380:2017 and includes the functionalities for the management and archiving of the scheduled periodic tests.

AngelEye Virtual Reality Tour

See for yourself how it works.

Take a 360-degree tour in a sample model facility to see how each component is perfectly integrated into a pool and rescue operation.

Additional Services

AngelEye LifeGuard is customizable according to customer needs.
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Installation services

Design, installation, configuration and testing services.


The correct maintenance for drowning detection systems.

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