23 July 2021

AngelEye promotes the international day for drowning prevention

In April of this year, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a historic resolution for the global challenge of preventing drowning through the official establishment of July 25th as a day entirely dedicated to this cause.

Drowning prevention day - AngelEye

This global event is intended as a commemoration day for the thousands of victims of drowning who lose their lives every year and, above all, as a campaign to prevent this tragic phenomenon, which represents a serious public health problem around the world.

According to the data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), 236,000 people die from drowning every year. It is one of the top 10 causes of death for people aged between 1 and 24. The youngest group is in fact the one most affected by this type of incident where the highest rates of drowning are recorded in childhood, especially in children of 1-4 years immediately followed by children of 5-9 years of age. These data classify drowning as the third leading cause of death from unintentional injuries in the world.

This commemorative day aims to promote knowledge, sharing, education, and various activities aimed at stressing the awareness of the importance of a phenomenon that affects the whole world and the need for urgent and coordinated government actions to improve aquatic safety.

The list of verified measures for the prevention of drowning available on the United Nations’ dedicated website includes the installation of barriers to restrict access to water, the teaching of swimming and water safety to school-age children, and the coaching of qualified personnel trained in rescue and resuscitation techniques.

Drowning prevention day - AngelEye

AngelEye, a company with decades of experience in the field of detection and prevention of drowning, fully embraces this event and its meaning, emphasizing its importance once again. The rise of awareness on the issue of aquatic safety in swimming facilities and the prevention of drowning have always been two key points by which AngelEye has directed its mission.

Within controlled environments such as public swimming pools and swimming parks and other aquatic centres, where these types of accidents should never occur, AngelEye represents a preventive measure in the active detection of drowning that raises the safety of these facilities to a higher level.

AngelEye LifeGuard, the solution for the prevention and detection of drownings, monitors all the movements below the water’s surface of the swimmers inside the pool by alerting the lifeguards in real-time in case of drowning. To prevent accidents in unattended areas of the swimming facilities, the AngelEye SafeGuard Access Control solution also allows monitoring access to certain areas such as pools temporarily closed to the public or not supervised by lifeguards, immediately reporting unauthorized access.

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