25 August 2021

AngelEye View: an important support for motor rehabilitation at the Villa Melitta clinic

AngelEye View is the ideal customised solution for physiotherapy centres. In fact, in the field of hydrokinesiotherapy, which uses water for rehabilitation purposes, AngelEye View perfectly meets the need to follow the patient during his motor rehabilitation. At Villa Melitta, a private clinic located in the centre of Bolzano, the AngelEye View video camera system has been installed in the pool, capable of recording and storing all the activities that take place in it.

The video images transmitted in real time can be viewed by the specialist staff who can monitor the correctness of the movements and record the sessions in order to observe the improvements over time.

The AngelEye solution not only represents a tool for private pools as an additional source of safety, but also specifically integrates with the needs of medical physiotherapy centres that deal with rehabilitation therapy in the pool. 

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