22 April 2021

AngelEye delivers second project in Norway

Last week, AngelEye tested the LifeGuard drowning detection system at a newly built Norwegian facility where the AngelEye SafeGuard: Density Control system to count swimmers was also installed for the first time. Rud svømmenhall‘s swimming facility in Baerum is AngelEye’s second project in Norway.

The facility includes two sports pools with movable floors, built by AngelEye partner HSB, a manufacturer of stainless-steel pools. Both pools are equipped with AngelEye LifeGuard drowning detection systems to ensure maximum swimmer safety. Through alarm notification devices such as monitors and Smartwatches, lifeguards and safety personnel can intervene promptly in the event of dangerous situations or drowning.

The Norwegian facility also choose to integrate the SafeGuard Density Control solution, in order to control the number of swimmers present in certain areas of the facility. This system allows to determine a maximum threshold of people which, if exceeded, triggers an alarm for the lifeguard or security personnel.

The acceptance test was performed in accordance with the standards set forth in ISO 20380:2017. The execution involves launching a lifeguard dummy into different sections of the pools, ensuring the proper functioning of the AngelEye Lifeguard drowning detection system.

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