18 May 2021

AngelEye increases the safety of the new aquatic center UCPA Sport Station Grand Reims

A long-term collaboration between AngelEye and the multi-sports center UCPA Sport Station Grand Reims. The AngelEye LifeGuard drowning prevention and detection system was installed in the 2900 m2 swimming facility, creating a synergy between sport, fun and safety.

UCPA Sport Station Grand Reims AngelEye

The swimming facility consists of six stainless steel pools made by the French steel pool manufacturer BC INOXEO. The AngelEye LifeGuard system was installed in the three most used and most difficult to monitor pool: the 50 m x 25 m Olympic pool, the 25 m x 10 m warm-up pool, and the 50 m Nordic pool with 4 lanes and a play and relaxation area.

The AngelEye cameras, as well as the elements of which they are composed, are made of 316L steel, perfectly integrated with the pools made of the same material.

The French magazine Centres Aquatiques, dedicated to the public swimming pool sector, published an article on the UCPA Sport Station I Grand Reims swimming facility, citing AngelEye as the facility’s safety system for drowning prevention.

As reported in the magazine, the facility manager Guillaume Sellier commented on the new AngelEye installation as follows:

The software’s artificial intelligence analyses the images captured by the fifty or so cameras (for all pools) in real time and identifies dangerous situations or drownings to alert lifeguards (on smartphones or smartwatches). Since the aquatic area is very large, this is an invaluable additional tool to optimize surveillance.

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