5 May 2021

Inauguration of the Stedelijk Zwembad Oostende facility in Belgium with the AngelEye LifeGuard system

The municipality of Ostend, Belgium, opened the new Stedelijk Zwembad Oostende swimming center last Saturday.

The new facility is an extremely safe, sustainable and efficient structure: the AngelEye LifeGuard system for the safety of swimmers, the autonomous production of photovoltaic energy and the reuse of rain and drinking water are just some of the elements that make the building exemplary.

The Stedelijk Zwembad Oostende was equipped with state-of-the-art AngelEye technology, which has decades of experience in this field, to ensure safety in the water.

The AngelEye LifeGuard system for the detection and prevention of drownings is installed in the 50 m long and 25 m wide sports competition pool. The pool, which has 300 bleacher seats, will host swimming and water polo competitions.

Underwater cameras installed along the walls of the pool integrate efficient LED lights to ensure high illumination while maintaining low energy consumption, in line with the rest of the building.

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