Jesse Owens – Los Angeles, California
Jesse Owens – Los Angeles, California

Project Description

Los Angeles County introduced AngelEye Technologies LifeGuard system at The Jesse Owens Aquatic Center in October of 2017. It has been in continuous operation since that time, with excellent reception from the County Aquatic and Lifeguard staff.
Prior to implementation, the County conducted an independent review (with the help of a third-party expert in both safety and IT/digital integration), the result of which was AngleEye being selected for a Proof of Concept. The Proof of Concept set out an extensive list of criteria that the system needed to satisfy based software, hard-ware, and safety performance. Having met or exceeded these criteria, AngelEye Technologies has become the vendor of choice for drowning detection technology.
LA County has received the following awards for the implementation of AngelEye Technologies as part of a county- wide effort to integrate ‘smart technology’ into Parks and Recreation facilities.

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AngelEye LifeGuard


Public Pool Indoor 25m x 22.8

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