19 November 2021

King’s Road Park, London: AngelEye installation in residential swimming pool

King’s Road Park, in the Fulham district of London, is part of the South Fulham Riverside Rigeneration Area project, which aims to regenerate the area by constructing new buildings on unused land. 

Completely surrounded by greenery, with 1,800 private homes set in 2.7 hectares of land, public and residential spaces, a commercial area and restored period buildings, Kings’ Road Park will be one of London’s most sophisticated neighbourhoods. 

In line with the project, cutting-edge AngelEye technology was chosen to equip the pool in the luxury building. AngelEye, together with its UK partner SPSC, will supply the LifeGuard drowning detection and prevention system to be installed in the 25-metre pool by 2022.

The AngelEye underwater cameras, which will blend in seamlessly with the modern design of the area, will actively monitor the pool area and alert staff to drowning hazards or accidents. The aim is to provide a safety tool for residents by monitoring the pool and the area 24 hours a day. 

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