Epicentre – Romont, Switzerland
Epicentre – Romont, Switzerland

Project Description

3 different swimming pools and more than 550m2 of water surface secured by AngelEye LifeGuard: the Epicentre sports and cultural school center, will open soon to its students in the city of Romont, Switzerland.
AngelEye is proud to be the drowning-detection system selected by the city of Romont to provide clear and accurate threat assessment of a swimmers in distress.
More than 20 AngelEye underwater cameras and AI-powered software give advanced notice to lifeguard and can help coordinate a timely response.

Installation Date



AngelEye LifeGuard


Indoor Pool 25m x 13.5m
Indoor Pool 13.5m x 9m
Indoor Pool 13.5m x 8m

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