26 March 2021

The new AngelEye solution for counting and distancing people

AngelEye combines drowning detection systems with SafeGuard Density and Distancing Control solutions for people counting and crowd detection in swimming pools.

Social distancing and the monitoring of the actual number of people in the pool are now of fundamental importance in aquatic centres, not only for the on-going health emergency but also for the maximum number of swimmers that must be respected according to the surface of the pool.

It is often difficult for lifeguards to perform an exact assessment due to the physical impossibility of counting the number of people present in certain areas of the facility. AngelEye offers SafeGuard Density Control and Distancing Control solutions for this purpose.

AngelEye SafeGuard: Density Control for counting swimmers

The specially designed Density Control technology counts the number of swimmers using artificial intelligence developed by AngelEye.

By taking a reading of the of the camera’s angle installed along the perimeter of the area to be monitored, the software updates the head count every 5 seconds.

It is possible to create maximum thresholds of people, diversified for each controlled area, at which the system sends an alarm to the lifeguard or security personnel.

AngelEye SafeGuard: Distancing Control for crowd control

Closely related to this functionality is the Distancing Control technology, which allows you to monitor interpersonal distances in order to uphold social distancing. The AngelEye Distancing Control software allows you to define the minimum distance and the maximum number of people that can exceed these thresholds, such as a family unit.

In line with the problems of the current health emergency, the Density Control and Distancing Control solutions guarantee maximum safety to swimmers by providing an essential tool to ensure social distancing and avoid gatherings in the water.

The SafeGuard solution, which also includes Thermal Screening functionality for temperature detection and the Access Control functionality for detecting access to unauthorized areas, can be integrated with the AngelEye LifeGuard drowning detection system.

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