23 September 2021

AngelEye technology in the new Campus Bocconi, Milan

The AngelEye LifeGuard system for drowning prevention and detection has been installed at Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center, located in Milan inside the new futuristic Campus Bocconi, one of the most renowned universities in the country.

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The Campus, designed by the Japanese studio Sanaa, represents an extremely innovative urban space of over 50,000 m2 consisting of a residential tower, four large buildings, a park and a sports centre. The latter is a unique project that aims to provide students and citizens with a state-of-the-art sports facility.

Two swimming pools are located on the first basement level. An Olympic 50m x 25m pool approved for FINA competitions with ten lanes, movable bridges and a grandstand with almost six hundred seats and a smaller 25m warm-up pool. Both pools, designed by Myrtha Pools, are equipped with the most innovative systems in the field of aquatic technology, including AngelEye LifeGuard, the excellence in drowning detection.

During the week, AngelEye carried out the final part of the installation, testing, which involves conducting several tests carried out according to the parameters established by the relevant regulations (ISO 20380:2017).

The AngelEye LifeGuard drowning prevention and detection system, which uses underwater cameras with efficient LED lights installed along the walls of the tanks, allows the students of the University and the entire city of Milan to perform water activities in an environment with high safety standards.

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