AngelEye Smartwatch Drowing Dectection Image


Tailor-made notifications.

Dedicated lifeguards play a key role in the management of safety. The effectiveness of rescue operations depends on the speed of the intervention. The AngelEye warning equipment promptly notifies you of dangerous situations by providing the exact location and real-time image of the drowning.

Smartwatch and Smartphone.

The portable devices signal the critical situation to the rescue personnel by displaying the real time image from the camera recording the incident and representing the pool subject to the alarm through a plan and the exact position.

Control monitor.

The control monitor available to the security personnel allows to visualize in real time the activities carried out in the pool and receive notifications on dangerous situations.

In case of an incident it is possible to extract and store all the information and videos related to the incident.

Alarm Devices 30 09 2022 AngelEye Lifeguard at Monitor

Luminous and audible alarms.

AngelEye can use light and sound alarm systems but also Matrix LED panels. The brilliance of the LED lights in combination with an audible alarm allows you to promptly alert the staff in case of need.

AngelEye Flashlight

EDC (External Device Control)

The EDC (External Device Control) module allows the perfect integration of AngelEye with existing security or automation systems in the facility.

AngelEye EDC