Rud svømmenhall – Baerum, Norway
Rud svømmenhall – Baerum, Norway

Project Description

Rud svømmenhall is a newly built swimming facility, born from an ambitious project entrusted by the municipality of Baerum to the Norwegian construction company NCC, making it the first BREEAM certified swimming facility in Norway.
On the safety front, the AngelEye LifeGuard drowning detection and prevention system was installed in the two swimming pools with moveable floors (50 m × 25 m and 12 m × 9 m), built by AngelEye HSB, a partnered manufacturer of stainless steel swimming pools.
The AngelEye SafeGuard Density Control solution was also installed, which notifies the safety personnel if the number of swimmers in a pool accesses exceeds the max.
The facility’s construction project followed the NCC’s “Sustainable Construction Site” inspection regime, which is based on meeting several sustainability requirements such as health and safety, materials and waste, climate and energy.

Installation Date



AngelEye LifeGuard, AngelEye SafeGuard


Public pool
Swimming Pool 50 m × 25 m
Swimming Pool 12 m × 9 m

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