Two ways to buy.
Choose the one that suits you.

Improving the safety of your swimming facility with AngelEye can be done by purchasing the complete AngelEye system or by using the new service based on a monthly fee. The two modalities are accumulated by a turnkey project management and implementation support.

Traditional purchase plan

The traditional purchasing plan provides a single initial investment combined with a minimum annual or multi-year maintenance fee to maintain the AngelEye system at maximum efficiency.

Service fee

We have developed a new way to use AngelEye services that relieves the burden of an initial investment and the possession of hardware and software platforms and related maintenance services. The provision of the hardware and software platform and related use and updates are included in the servicing fee. In addition, the resolution of any type of failure and periodic maintenance is provided by AngelEye support at no additional cost.

Territorial contributions and subsidized loans

In many countries there are contributions, loans and soft loans for companies that invest in improving the safety of their swimming facilities. We recommend that the availability of such instruments be constantly identified.