Ovaverva Hallenbad, Spa & Sportzentrum – St. Moritz, Switzerland
Ovaverva Hallenbad, Spa & Sportzentrum – St. Moritz, Switzerland

Project Description

Ovaverva Hallenbad, Spa & Sportzentrum, located in St. Moritz in the heart of the Alps, is a sports center with several indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a gym, a cross-country skiing and mountain biking centre, a sport store, and a bicycle rental service.
The swimming facility is a combination of wellness and fun, with its primary concern being safety.
The facility has, in fact, to ensure maximum safety to its guests, been equipped with cutting-edge AngelEye technology, which features the innovative solution for drowning prevention.
Several swimming pools are equipped with the AngeEye LifeGuard drowning detection and prevention system, which constantly monitors the pools and ensures a safe recreational experience in a 3,200 m2 facility.

Installation Date



AngelEye LifeGuard


Public Swimming Pool, Indoor and Outdoor
Swimming Pool 10m x 10m
Swimming Pool 12m x 12m
Swimming Pool 13m x 9m
Swimming Pool 25m x 16m

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