6 November 2020

AngelEye presents the Artificial Intelligence Accelerator

AngelEye presents the Artificial Intelligence Accelerator that can elevate the accuracy and precision of its drowning detection systems. The new module introduces a new level of performance capable of exceeding the limits imposed by ISO 20380:2017.

AngelEye drowning detection systems scan and model the pool in 3 dimensions and identifies dangerous situations. The Artificial Intelligence Accelerator pushes this process to the limits by speeding up automatic learning. Dangerous situations that are more difficult to detect become 80% faster to identify. This happens for example when the camera is dazzled by sunlight. The result is an even safer and more reliable system, with up to 30% shorter recognition and detection times.

The Artificial Intelligence Accelerator works in sync with AngelEye Ai Cloud by consulting behavioural sequences typical of dangerous situations. The result is a higher detection rate and a reduction of the number of false alarms by up to 50%.


The new solution is now available as a service fee and includes the hardware to be installed at the customer’s premises and the related AngelEye Ai Cloud services. Assistance and maintenance are provided by AngelEye and are included in the fee.

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