25 February 2022

AngelEye supports the Dutch Swimming sport by joining the Pool of Support

AngelEye has entered into a three-year partnership with the KNZB Pool of Support association to support the Dutch swimming sport. AngelEye, the market leader in aquatic pool safety offering drowning detection systems and recently also services to facilitate water operations, and the Dutch association KNZB have signed a collaboration agreement to promote aquatic safety in swimming pools. The co-operation between the two organizations is also part of the consolidation of an ever-growing market and aims, in their respective areas of expertise and competence, at the implementation of safe pools throughout the Netherlands.

AngelEye - KNZB

Robin van Galen (KNZB):,,Swimming Safety is very important to the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation. 97% of all children in the Netherlands learns to swim. KNZB wants to raise this number to 100% so all children are safe to jump into the pool. AngelEye’s main concern is also swimming safety. Their innovative drowning detection systems are state of the art and do safe lives. This is one of the reasons why this partnership between the KNZB Pool of Support and AngelEye is excellent initiative”.

Andrea Marcato (AngelEye): “The goal of this partnership is to raise awareness of the technologies available to support aquatic safety to everyone in the pool industry. At AngelEye, we firmly believe that every operator should deploy every possible strategy to ensure that accidents do not happen.”

The organizations in the Pool of Support are all active in the branch of swimming pool construction. At the moment the Pool exists of eight members. These are: Variopool, Varioplay, Myrtha Pools, Hellebrekers, VDH Watertechnology, EVA Optic, Slangen+Koenis and AngelEye. Besides an excellent professional network the Pool of Support is also a very active group. There are several different joint activities and the eight organization are always looking to help each other out.

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