29 August 2022

AngelEye expands its presence in Scandinavia with an exclusive partner in Denmark

A new cooperation agreement, the one between the companies AngelEye and Aqua-Teknik A/S, has recently been signed. The purpose of this new partnership is to further expand the deployment of innovative drowning prevention solutions, and thus to increase aquatic safety in swimming pools.

AngelEye expands its presence in Scandinavia with an exclusive partner in Denmark Aqua Teknik Image scaled

AngelEye, a leader in the aquatic safety sector, which provides artificial intelligence-based drowning detection systems and recently also services to facilitate operations in the water, signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with Aqua-Teknik A/S. The Danish company, Aqua-Teknik, is specialized in turnkey solutions for swimming facilities of any kind, including development, conceptual design, engineering as well as supply and installation of different pool types, customized water treatment systems and large-scale ‘Fun and Competition’ equipment.  

Increasingly safe swimming pools as a common mission
In addition to the aim of generating increased awareness of AngelEye’s intelligent drowning detection systems in northern Europe, in line with the rest of the world, the cooperation between the two companies is also part of the consolidation of an ever-growing market which aims at, in their respective areas of experience and expertise, the construction and renovation of increasingly safe swimming pools.

We are beyond excited about this new exclusive partnership between AngelEye and Aqua-Teknik, and we are very proud to become an active part in the fight against the unfortunate fact, that 236.000 people die from drowning every year (World Health Organization, 2021).”, Kim Carlsen, CEO of Aqua-Teknik.

The first AngelEye drowning detection system in Denmark was already installed in Valby Water Culture House in 2021. Given the five pools that make up the facility, the municipality of Copenhagen wanted to ensure water safety by choosing to install the AngelEye LifeGuard drowning prevention and detection system.

Due to Valby Water Culture House’s successful experience with the innovative AngelEye drowning detection system, the municipality of Copenhagen already decided that AngelEye must be installed in additional swimming facilities in the municipality.

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