8 March 2021

AngelEye has finalized the installation of the first Artificial Intelligence Accelerator in St. Moritz, Switzerland

In February, AngelEye visited the OVAVERVA Hallenbad, Spa & Sportzentrum swimming facility in St. Moritz, Switzerland, to install the first ever Artificial Intelligence Accelerator.

The Swiss swimming facility, which combines wellness and fun with the all-important prerogative of safety, is equipped with the AngelEye LifeGuard drowning detection system in four of its pools.

The Artificial Intelligence Accelerator introduces a new level of performance that exceeds the limits imposed by the ISO 20380:2017 standard. In fact, it is able to increase the accuracy and speed of the system in detecting and recognizing drownings. The Artificial Intelligence Accelerator works in sync with AngelEye Ai Cloud consulting behavioural sequences that are typical of dangerous situations, resulting in a reduction in the number of false alarms by up to 50%.

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