8 November 2021

New swimming facility in Aalst, Belgium: aquatic safety with AngelEye

In October AngelEye delivered the AngelEye LifeGuard system to the Aquatopia swimming complex in the city of Aalst, Belgium.

In the large Aquatopia swimming facility, AngelEye has completed the final part of the installation, which involves carrying out tests and inspections in compliance with the current regulations for drowning prevention systems in swimming pools (ISO 20380).

The 50m x 16m pool and the smaller 35m x 25m pool with a Variopool moving bottom both incorporate AngelEye LifeGuard aquatic safety solutions.

Water activities requiring the highest safety standards take are a daily occurrence in the swimming facility, which is already open for schools and sports clubs and thus involves many children and young people. The municipality of Aalst therefore wanted to integrate the innovative AngelEye technology, which to date is an important tool for the benefit of schools and sports clubs, as well as the entire community of Aalst, which will be able to enjoy a safe and constantly monitored environment starting at the end of the month. 

The AngelEye underwater cameras, positioned along the walls of the pools, allow for constant monitoring of all activities taking place inside by tracking the movements of each swimmer. If a drowning accident is detected, an immediate alarm signal is sent to the lifeguards.

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