22 November 2021

AngelEye takes part in the event “Surveillance techniques in public swimming pools” organised by AES

The event “Surveillance techniques in public swimming pools” organised by the Belgian association for sports facilities (AES) will take place on 23 November at the Jonfosse swimming facility in Liège, Belgium. 

AngelEye - AES

Aimed at lifeguards, the objective of the training day is to improve pool rescue techniques by becoming aware of the inherent challenges of the lifeguard profession with a focus on various topics such as risk communication, recognizing the mechanisms of drowning, the architectural complexity of surveillance and individual supervision techniques. 

AngelEye LifeGuard fits perfectly in this event. Not only because the solution is designed for high-use public pools and for those who must ensure safety in the facility every day, but also because its correct use provides a fundamental aid for lifeguards with the classic criticalities of the job (difficulty in seeing the bottom of the pool, overcrowded pools, etc.). 

AngelEye will therefore be present at the training day with its representative, Frédéric Polis from LOTEC, a Belgian company specialised in aquatic technology that has a long-standing partnership with AngelEye.

During the event, the AngelEye LifeGuard drowning prevention solution will be presented. This will be followed by a practical demonstration in the pools where the system is installed, with the aim of training the lifeguards in the correct use of this technology and also to explain its functions.

The AngelEye LifeGuard system for the detection and prevention of drowning accidents is already installed in the 25m main pool and the 15m learning pool at the swimming facility and is currently being used by the facility’s lifeguards.

The AngelEye solution is a valuable ally in ensuring complete and constant control and monitoring within the swimming facility. The correct use of this cutting-edge technology provides benefits to all operators involved, from the lifeguards to the facility managers, who can thus guarantee all-round safety to the facility’s guests.

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