7 July 2021

New AngelEye installation at the new Longwy aquatic center in France

AngelEye has finished testing the drowning detection system installed in the new Longwy aquatic center in France.

angelEye Installation Longwy
Source: René BYCH

The newly built aquatic center, with its modern family-oriented and sportive design, has chosen the efficiency of AngelEye’s drowning detection and prevention systems for the safety of its guests.

This test, carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 20380:2017, is the final stage of the AngelEye installation. The test involves launching a rescue dummy into different areas of the pools to ensure that the AngelEye LifeGuard drowning detection system is working properly.

The system was installed in the 25×21 m pool and the 50×8 m year-round heated outdoor sports pool.

The latter pool was reported to be particularly difficult to control by the supervisory staff. Exposure to the weather and temperature fluctuations, which often generate water vapor on the surface, are typical problems for heated outdoor pools. These factors are the main causes of disturbed water surfaces that make it difficult for lifeguards to see the pool floor for proper monitoring.

Therefore, AngelEye LifeGuard makes the pool safer by allowing full and clear visibility even where the human eye struggles to reach.

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