16 December 2021

AngelEye LifeGuard technology in the new Nordic pool at the Pré-Leroy swimming pool in Niort, France

Last month, AngelEye staff went to France to complete the installation and testing of the LifeGuard system for drowning prevention and detection at the Pré-Leroy swimming pool in Niort.

AngelEye was chosen by the municipality of Niort to supply a drowning prevention system for the outdoor Nordic swimming pool of the facility, which has been undergoing a major renovation in the last three years. 

Pré-Leroy swimming pool - AngelEye drowning detection
Source: Pré-Leroy swimming pool website

The 50m x 20m pool in which the AngelEye LifeGuard solution has been installed presents all the usual issues regarding control and monitoring that an outdoor pool can present, as it is accessible in all seasons and therefore possibly subject to adverse weather conditions and temperature changes. These phenomena can cause, for example, water vapor on the surface, which makes it difficult for the surveillance staff to fully monitor the bool, especially the bottom, due to poor visibility below the water surface.

Thanks to the AngelEye underwater cameras, installed along the entire perimeter of the pool, the staff can constantly and completely monitor even the most critical areas, such as the bottom of the pool, which is difficult to reach with the naked eye. 

The vision coverage is also guaranteed by video surveillance cameras installed along the access to the pool, which is also a critical point, given its narrow shape and the fact that it is often crowded. 

As with all AngelEye installations, the Pré-Leroy swimming facility was tested according to the requirements of the ISO 20380 standard that regulates drowning prevention systems in swimming pools.

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